Netenders es un holding internacional. Proporcionamos experiencia en estrategias de marketing web para mejorar la experiencia de compra en línea.

Hemos construido un equipo fuerte y capacitado en los siguientes campos: marketing digital, IT, logística, atención al cliente, finanzas, y ¡mucho más!

Podemos ayudarle en cualquier proyecto en curso y ofrecer las mejores soluciones para: crear conciencia de marca y lealtad,, impulsar el tráfico dirigido, comprender a su público, y aumentar las ventas.

Proporcionamos las mejores estrategias para desarrollar sitios web de comercio electrónico y ayudarles a alcanzar sus objetivos.

Hacemos negocios en toda Europa, en Canada, en Canadá y en los Estados Unidos! ¿Quiere expandir su actividad en el extranjero?

¿Quiere vender sus productos en una de nuestras exitosas plataformas?

Our story

Netenders was born within the fashion industry with the initial aim of becoming the e-commerce reference for blank Apparel and custom-made prints.

It all commenced with our portal www.wordans.com, an e-commerce website with a focus on the B2B industry and the aim to provide the solutions for printers, designers, and merchandising professionals to find blank apparel ideal for customization and get it easily shipped to their businesses doors.

With the platform facing rapid growth and high interest from our customers, we decided to expand our business and offer our products with a B2C orientation on our second website: www.needen.com. That’s how Needen was born; focusing on changing customers’ needs, adapting to a light and comfortable lifestyle, while making basic fashion available to everyone!

Then the pandemic came.

Yet, with the 2020 pandemic and the revolution of the fashion industry, shifting to more common and extended use of activewear and aiming for comfortable, easy-to-wear solutions, we gained great success in both of our platforms, which allowed us to keep growing our network of websites. Moreover, while the pandemic has increased the number of conscious customers, we decided to take a step towards sustainability and embrace eco-friendly products within our offer while trying to steadily optimize every part of our supply chain towards achieving more transparency.

Subsequently, we established www.ntextil.com with which we went back to the B2B industry, however, this time aiming to facilitate access to different workwear products in different industries such as restoration, hospitality, construction, and even medical.

Hard times didn’t stop us from growing.

As the new year 2021 approached, we launched two new platforms to complete our services:
www.radsow.fr, our brand of clothing which was born in beautiful Barcelona, where we want to embrace the activewear style, with a unique, fresh sense of fashion and market orientation. Keep an eye on it, as we have great plans for the future!

Finally, our last creation www.montparel.fr came to the world. As much as our orientation so far used to be closer to the fast fashion industry, we keep in mind that we need to switch to more sustainable options and raise awareness about the importance of conscious shopping behavior, thus this mindset became the essence of Montparell’s brand identity. Montparel aims to gather ecological, organic, and sustainable clothing options that, thanks to the basic nature of their designs, can become non-temporal classics fit for any occasion while contributing to environmental change!

Embracing important value.

Furthermore, while talking about important principles at Netenders, the way we communicate all brands with our customers focuses on embracing important values such as diversity and equality, all along our social media platforms and marketing campaigns. In this way, we want to highlight that our products are made for everyone, which is a dominant component of all our marketing activities. Moreover, as mentioned before with our strategy we strive to contribute to significant change and sustain e-commerce services by embracing environmental and ethical practices. We believe that it’s crucial to encourage a circular economy along with sustainable consumption, therefore we work towards improving our practices progressively.

What’s next?

En los últimos 3 años, we had a growth that brought us from a humble 7M€ revenue generated in 2018 to a forecast of 52M€ for 2021. All of this follows an organic line of growth, without relying on external financial investors.

What’s in store for the 2021-2022 exercise? First, a complete renovation for Needen & Wordans websites, to make them more user-friendly, more adjusted for its use on portable devices, and more efficient; an update and stabilization of our internal processes, and a phase of planning and future development. All of it, with a focus on excellence and customers’ needs that can be reflected not only in our results but as well as in our customer interactions and service.

If you are reading this, it is because our team is still growing! We are now more than 35 people of 13 different nationalities, dedicated to bringing the company to excellence. Does it sound exciting to you? Want to be part of the project?


En los últimos 2 años, Netenders ha crecido exponencialmente con una TCAC del 80%, de 8 millones 26 millones de ingresos.

Para 2022, se proyecta que lleguemos a 52 millones.


Con Fulfillment by Netenders, nos encargamos de todas las operaciones de back-office de su negocio.

También nos encargamos de las devoluciones y los cambios.

Proporcionamos una cobertura global a los clientes enviando y entregando la mercancía en toda Europa, América del Norte, y Australia, y Nueva Zelanda.


Netenders apoyará su comercio electrónico hasta el final y siempre respetará los valores e su marca. A diferencia de los grandes revendedores, permitimos que los negocios crezcan libremente y , abogamos por su éxito a lo largo de su trayecto en comercio electrónico.


¿Quiere lanzar su marca? Desarrollar su propia línea de ropa?? ¿Busca vender existencias? Le tenemos cubierto.

Con Netenders, nos encargamos de todo:

Ventas, marketing, atención al cliente, almacenamiento, envío y devoluciones.

Escale con su nuevo negocio, no importa cuál sea su producto de comercio electrónico, nuestro equipo dedicado traerá las mejores estrategias en profundidad para su negocio.

Constantemente encontramos maneras de mejorar su negocio y le damos las mejores oportunidades para aumentar sus ventas.


Ayudamos a las marcas a vender a escala mundial. Con oficinas en Europa y América del Norte, Netenders opera actualmente en los Estados Unidos, Canadá, Australia, y en toda Europa, con contenidos localizados en el idioma de cada país.

No importa cuán grande o pequeño sea su negocio, apoyamos a todos los tamaños y aumentamos su exposición vendiendo a nuestra base de clientes internacionales en nuestros sitios web.