Radsow Apparel Netenders


Radsow is a B2C fast fashion brand. It is our most recent creation and our first own-brand born in beautiful Barcelona, where we want to embrace the activewear style, with a unique, fresh sense of fashion and market orientation. Keep an eye on it, as we have great plans for the future!


One of our recent creations. With the launch of Montparel in 2021, we want to switch to more sustainable options and raise awareness about conscious shopping behavior. Thus, the essence of Montparell’s brand is a contribution to environmental change while providing ecological, organic, and sustainable clothing variants that, thanks to their unique minimalistic designs, can become a durable classic fit for any occasion!

Atelier Mundo

Atelier Mundo is focused on home and furniture. It offers exceptional prices on quality furniture and furnishings in modern minimalistic style. Thanks to the success of Atelier Mundo, Wordans is now able to offer its customers a rich catalog with a wide range of products at attractive prices, available directly at Wordans website.


N-textil started in 2015. Brands orientation is focused on B2B industry while facilitating access to different workwear products in different industries such as restoration, hospitality, construction, and even medical. After negotiating with countless suppliers at their source and sharing with them our vision of cutting out the middleman and providing the solution to low-cost, high-quality products, we are now the largest low-price wholesaler internationally.


Needen is a B2C brand born in 2017, focused on wholesale blank apparel while ensuring the best quality, and prices lower than any other competitor! Needen was born with the focus on changing customers' needs, adapting to a light and comfortable lifestyle while making basic fashion available to everyone! Its unique brand essence resonates with a modern lifestyle while adapting to current fashion trends.


Wordans is a B2B e-commerce platform, a leader in the textile and accessories wholesale industry. Wordans principal goal is to provide solutions for designers, brands, and entrepreneurs that want to create their merchandise to find blank apparel ideal for customization and get it easily shipped to their business’s doors. Wordans is aimed at both wholesalers and individuals, however, the more quantities you order, the better the price you pay.