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Discover Radsow and Montparel our two Digital Native Brands

Initially born to fit all sizes while offering elegant fashion at irresistible prices.

Keen to develop and improve its business model towards a more sustainable business, and to cut out the middlemen, Netenders decided to launch its own brands in 2021, Radsow and Montparel.

A digital native streetwear brand designed to fit all body types and a sustainable brand that respect the planet.

Radsow Logo

Who are we

Radsow is a DNVB designed for millennials, offering style and comfort, Radsow products are designed to fit all body types.

After the success of the launch, we want to expand our brand by adding 12 more styles to the collection by end of 2023 and 10 more by end of 2024 and to become one of the key player of the blank apparel market.

Our goals

Our main objective is to compete with the biggest brands in the market by offering a better quality/price ratio, creating a strong brand awareness and building a community with high engagement.

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Radsow's revenue by 2023
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pieces sold per month in the world
Montparel Logo

Montparel is born out of the realization that customers are increasingly concerned about the planet.

Aware of the urgent need to take care of our planet and the growing demand for eco-friendly clothing we have created Montparel, our brand offering sustainable clothes and accessories for conscious customers.

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Consumer experience

Our customers are at the heart of our strategy and we are constantly improving their shopping experience. Today, we have over 2 million active customers in 22 countries.

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Who are we?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and wear the colors that best represent them and make them stand out to everyone.

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Grow with us

Becoming the number one worldwide by offering an adapted experience to our customers and creating a strong brand awareness.

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