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Netenders is an international distributor of omnichannel brands, specialising in blank & customised
apparel, both for B2B and B2C. Offering a wide range of customers quality products and the best prices:

Customize your World with Wordans

Wordans is the first platform dedicated to providing a wide selection of blank ready-to-wear products in various colors and sizes at unbeatable prices. Serving both B2B and B2C customers, Wordans offers the opportunity to customize your apparel, ensuring a personalized touch for every individual or business.

Your Design Marketplace

Introducing Needen, a design marketyplace for ready-to-wear custom apparel & accessories for individual shoppers. Since its establishment in 2019, Needen has been committed to meeting customer needs by offering a wide variety of colors and sizes. Find your perfect style and express yourself with Needen’s diverse range of streetwear options.

The Future of Corporate & Workwear

Established in 2015 as a Canadian wholesale blank apparel company, Ntextil has grown into the largest international low-price wholesaler. With an extensive range of workwear for professionals, we offer prestigious brands at up to 70% off retail prices. Get premium quality workwear at unbeatable prices.

The Secret of Street Style

Keen to develop and improve its business model towards a more sustainable business, and to cut out the middlemen, Netenders decided to launch its own brand in 2021, Radsow, a digital native streetwear brand designed to fit all body types.

Where Sustainability Meets Style

Montparel is born out of the realization that customers are increasingly concerned about the planet. Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable clothing, we have created our brand to offer eco-friendly clothes and accessories, providing stylish options for customers who prioritize the well-being of the Earth. From casual clothing to sportswear and more.

Make Your Mark

Egotier is the go-to website for anyone looking to create a lasting impression with their promotional gifts. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, thank your customers, or reward your employees, Egotier has the perfect solution for you. From custom pens and mugs to high-end executive gifts, Egotier has something for every occasion and budget.

For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers

Our ambition is to be the number one choice for all animal lovers and veterinarians with our complete and varied ranges. We believe that animals deserve the best. And this is what we do every day by selecting quality products adapted for your little balls of fur (and feathers): dog, cat, rodent, bird, fish, chicken. We love them all without exception!

Gifts That Impress

GiftRetail, the premier online destination for a wide variety of products. Website with extensive collection of all kinds of accessories from sport, tech, kitchen and more. With thousands of options to choose from, everyone will find the perfect items to enhance their lifestyle or find the ideal gift for any occasion.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

WahooPrice is the leading online platform offering an extensive range of products, including accessories spanning various categories such as sports, technology, kitchenware, and more. With an abundant selection to explore, individuals can easily discover items that suit their preferences and elevate their lifestyle.

The Magic of Kids Style

BabyKidsz is a brand whicg brings customers to the enchanting world of kids’ style. It is a website for a delightful selection of baby and kids’ clothes, apparel, and unique gift ideas. From adorable outfits to charming accessories, we celebrate the magic of childhood with quality products that ignite imagination and create cherished memories.

Elevate Your Game

Sportissim is the go-to online destination for sports clothing and accessories. Whether a professional athlete or a passionate fitness enthusiast, everyone will find their perfect fit to elevate their game at Sportissim.

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