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Why is 2022 the best time to launch your customizable textile e-commerce business?

Want to start your online business to market your personalized and/or customizable clothing?  Today at Wordans, we will explain why 2022 is the best time to launch your customizable textile e-commerce business?

After two years of pandemic, generalized inflation and a still too uncertain economic situation, many of you are hesitating to start an online business. However, you would be wrong to stop at these first obstacles: 2022 seems indeed to be a great year for textile e-commerce!

The e-commerce boom in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up our consumption habits and pushed us to use more online stores to make our purchases. E-commerce has even imposed itself as a necessary lifeline for many companies. The sector that has benefited the most from this trend is without hesitation the fashion industry. One could have feared that the end of mobility restrictions and the reopening of all sectors after the pandemic could have slowed down this craze. But it’s not the case: according to several studies, online purchases have continued to increase by 11% in 2021, and digital marketing should even increase between 30 and 50% in 2022! (according to the EXE agency).


Relaxed clothing is THE trend for 2022

In 2020, the population had to stay home for several weeks. This situation has particularly favored the purchase of clothing to be comfortable at home. With the pandemic almost over, we see that this trend has stayed to take hold. Google Trends reports a worldwide boom in searches for loungewear in recent months, and the trend doesn’t seem to be abating, quite the contrary: in 2022, “loungewear” has become a must-have niche for textile companies. Indeed, consumers are looking for flowing, wearable clothes with a cocooning feel. Clothes that are similar to comfortable sportswear, but with a touch of style, will continue to be very popular this year.


Personalization is booming!

Good news: the personalization of textile products is booming! Brands have understood that today’s consumers want to have a unique experience with the products they buy: they want personalized or customizable clothing that reflects their uniqueness and personal style. This is a windfall for all online entrepreneurs who own a customizable textile store. Even the big brands are getting in on the act: a recent study published by IDC reveals that 80% of the major fashion brands will launch personalized printing services for their textile products.


Textiles on social networks

The increase in consumer interest in e-commerce, especially for clothing, is certainly a question of convenience, but also a question of trends. This year, the presence on social networks will be decisive for many textile brands. Tens of millions of consumers are using social networks, sharing their desires for purchases, looks and fashionable clothes. This trend, which emerged during the pandemic, has remained and is expected to grow even more in 2022, according to specialists: digital marketing agencies see this new channel in a very positive light. The vast majority of social network users would be influenced and look for new trends on social networks. This is where customizable textile stores can stand out by offering unique and personalized products according to consumers’ tastes, for custom looks to be posted on the networks.


As you can see, the year 2022 is the right time to launch your online business of personalized or customizable textile products. All you have to do is select the right items that will make up your collection. Thanks to Wordans’ worldwide experience in the customizable textile clothing industry, you will easily find the best blank textile items at the best prices to compose your e-commerce. T-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, accessories,… Wordans is a specialist in different types of textile products that can be customized. Count on our expertise and discover our offers at the lowest prices guaranteed on, and don’t forget to check our instagram page @wordans_europe for daily inspiration.

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